Cement Bricks Making Machine

Cement Bricks Making Machine

We manufacture Cement Brick Making Machine which has high production capability, multi-usage and can produce many kinds of specification solid and hollow bricks.This fully automatic machine with electric cabinet can automatically control brick production.This multifunctional machine can be used to make different products with different moulds,like hollow blocks,solid bricks,pavers, Kerbstones and so on.


  • Power-saving:only the host machine is always working other parts only works at regular intervals.
  • Easy operation:The host machine is operated by one person,and other processes will be completed automatically by electronics.Because pressure of vibrating is high,the materials needs less water.So the machine still can work under low temperature.
  • High quality of mould:Mold is an important part of machine.The steel is standard materials for making moulds.We have many procedures like adding carbon and boron,back fire for three times, polishing,and so on.And the geometry of the moulds is standard too.
  • It adopts multi-valves in series,
  • Its electricity discharging unit and compressing and vibrating organic combing unit materialize highest molding and density of the finished products.
  • This machine combines multi functions into one with material feeding in two times
  • It makes standard block, hollow block, road surface pavers (including colored block)

Technical Specifications: