Paver Machine

We manufacture and supply a high quality range of Paver Block Making Machine. These paver blocks are extensively used in buildings, road pavings, squares, gardens, landscaping, city constructions, etc. It has two oil tanks, two hydraulic cylinders. It can make all cement/concrete products within the size of 1000x600mm. It has advantages of one-step forming and high yield,the brick is easy to maintain without pallet. Once produced, the brick can be moved and carried with little damages. It is one machine for multiple-use just with changing moulds.


  • Required labors to feed raw materials and to carry concrete products
  • With a hopper or elevator
  • Automaticly feeding raw materials
  • Advanced type
  • Automatic piling
  • Automatic moulding
  • Multi-use of one machine,with changing molds
Hydraulic Paver Machine

Hydraulic Paver Machine

The comprehensive range of Hydraulic Paver Machine involves mechanical, hydraulic and electrical control systems. It is characterized by features of excellent efficiency, practical design, sturdy structure, easy operation and convenient maintenance.


  • For the block forming, the machine takes the hydraulic force as the main and the mechanical force as the auxiliary, through vibrating and pressing, to finish the forming procedure.
  • The formed products are high in compressive strength, good in density, perfect in anti-frost and precise in dimensions.
  • Its four guiding columns are coated with cadmium, having perfect torsional strength and wearing capacity.
Vibro Paver Block Machine

Vibro Paver Block Machine

We design and manufacture Vibro Paver Block Machine. It is a compact oil hydraulic machine manufactured using best of international standards. according to the standard of international .Many parts from abroad ensure the quality of machine and take fro the power. The vibration of the system contains platform vibration and mould vibration so the products are very close grained and delivered speedily.


  • Adopts hydraulic system and the working procedure is very even and dependable,hydraulic press together with efficiently vibration make the brick high density and good quality
  • PLC intelligent control.
  • Control system equipped with complete logic control, production program, malfunction diagnosis system and remote control function.
  • Multi-functional. It produces various bricks/blocks including color-face bricks (layered material feeding),through-body tiles,lock linkage blocks, road curb bricks, hydraulic blocks,hollow blocks, perforated bricks, and standard bricks etc.